Dad Box

Dad Box

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A great gift to give to your dad!

This box features:

The Pitmaster an all purpose electric lighter by Sizzle Lighters. It will ignite your BBQ, gas, propane stoves, candles, campfires, incense, mosquito coils, fire tables and fireworks. It is eco-friendly, easy to use, rechargeable and works in windy conditions. Great for the house or cottage!


Coffee & Cocoa BBQ RUB

The flavors of coffee and cocoa pair perfectly with beef, chicken or pork adding additional savory tastes.

Ingredients: Sugar, cofffee, cocoa, kosher salt, black pepper, paprika, onion, garlic, chipotle, and spices

By: Spice world

PEG City Seasoning

PRAIRIE PROUD! 🌾 PEG City Seasoning, our in house blend of spices perfect for anything you’d like to throw on the grill. Steak, chicken, ribs, vegetables, and even on popcorn.

Ingredients: Smoked paprika, kosher salt, garlic, onion, celery, pepper, cumin, oregano, coriander, dill seed, lemon pepper, spices.

By: Spice world

The Grillfather T-shirt printed by Everyline Designs

Packed in a box that says:


[fah-th er] (noun)

1.) The awesome character with exceptional patience, knowledge and wisdom.

2.) A wife’s last, but a daughter’s first love. A son’s first hero

See also: Superman


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