Seaweed powder facial mask

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Organic seaweed powder, Spinach powder, Alfalfa powder, White kaolin clay  - 45g

*Each mask has a label on the backside that provides directions on how to use the mask. As well, each mask comes with a small spatula that you can use to scoop out the powder and apply to your skin with

  Tip: Use the floral water after your botanical facial steam to apply our Seaweed powder mask!

Health benefits:

  • (organic) Seaweed - packed with vitamins and minerals, anti-bacterial properties, helps your skin maintain moisture, fights aging of the skin
  • Spinach - contains antioxidants, reduces inflammation, contains vitamins such as A (hydrates), C (brightens), and K (heals scars and dark spots)
  • Alfalfa - revitalizing and anti-aging, soothes skin and brightens
  • White kaolin - gentle clay, absorbs excess oils, helps remove dull,dead skin


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