Beeswax Rap Wraps

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We created these hip-hop-inspired beeswax wraps featuring designs inspired by Coolio, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg.

The simple, reusable, and plastic-free alternative to cling film & plastic bags.

Why beeswax wraps? Instead of using plastic wrap to cover food items or bowls, you can use a beeswax wrap. The organic beeswax is naturally adhesive and will stick to itself. Simply wash your wrap in cold water and let it dry to re-use over and over again.

Compostable after 1.5+ years. Includes 3 wraps.


Pizza Design:

"When the pizza's in the fridge ma, wrap it like it's hot, wrap it like it's hot, wrap it like it's hot."

Tomato Design:

"Now, I ain't sayin she's a tree hugger. But she ain't messin' with no food chucker."

Pear Design:

"As I sorth through the crisper, it's the shadow of death. I take a look at my food and realize there's little' left."

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