Canadian Gold Sparkling Black Cherry (12x355ml)

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“Canadian Gold™”, flavoured drinks are CAFFEINE FREE, a sweetened carbonated NATURAL SPRINGWATER with natural fruit flavours.

“Best Tasting Sparkling Water in the World" complimented with natural fruit flavours provides the unforgettable experience to the taste buds.

This beverage is a favorite amongst children and adults; contains no caffeine, zero-rated sodium, fuelled with energy, has only 80 calories per 355ml (12oz) bottle.

Canadian Gold™ flavoured sparkling water offers a great alternative for regular sodas and a fabulous taste adventure.

When it comes to taste, we always make sure we get the best ingredients to get the perfect fruity taste in every bottle of sparkling water.

Our flavoured sparkling water is now sweetened with Cane Sugar

All our bottles are BPA FREE

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