Gemstone Bracelet with Lava Bead (6mm)

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Our Genuine Gemstone Bead (6 mm) Bracelets include a lava bead for aromatherapy benefits. Simply place your favorite essential oil onto the lava bead to provide aromatherapy benefits. For example, lavender oil is for calming, mint oil relieves headaches and orange oil provides energy. Each gemstone bead possesses healing properties.


Amazonite Matte (matte blue, yellow, white and beige) - truth, harmony, peace

Blue Calsilica Jasper (blue and brown) - stabilizing, anti-stress, courage

Howlite Matte (matte white with grey marbling) - calms, aids insomnia, wisdom

Labradorite - transformation, strength

Onyx Matte (matte black) - protection, will power, strength

Rose Quartz (pink) - love, harmony, positivity


Our bracelets come in 3 sizes and are made with sturdy, stretch cord.

Small (6. 5 inch length)

Medium (7 inch length)

Large (7.5 inch length)


Please note that some gemstones have a mixture of colors (e.g. amazonite matte, blue calsilica jasper and howlite matte), therefore, the bracelet design may vary from the picture. 

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