The Goal Bank

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The Goal Bank has been designed to help you save money in a fun and dynamic way. Our saving method will help you save $1,000 towards a specific financial goal. The Goal Bank’s tracking board will keep you motivated to save faster and more consistently.   

 It is the perfect tool for kids to learn good saving habits from a young age by saving towards something they really want while working on their math skills such as counting and adding numbers!


  •     Goal Bank featuring vibrant colours and stylish design
  •     Tracking board with 190 boxes to keep track of the money you save
  •     Two methods to save to choose from - Systematic or Manual
  •     Option to write your saving goal at the front of the Goal Bank
  •     Metallic marker to cross out tracking board boxes
  •     Instruction page with detailed information on how to use the Goal Bank
  •     Can be used as a decorative accessory in your room or office space
  •     8” height, 12.7” diameter
  •     Cardboard Material
  •     Packaged in a fashionable box to protect the Goal Bank

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