Handmade "Admiral Wisdom" Resin Wine/Bottle Stopper

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This Beautiful Wine stopper is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wine/bottle stop made from a beautiful resin formulation, that would make a unique gift for anyone.  

The "Admiral Wisdom" Wine/Bottle stopper is not only a great bar accessory, it would also add art to your wine!   Every time you turn this stopper in your hand, a new landscape appears which makes it truly unique! While typically used as a wine stopper, the tapered stopper will fit a range of bottle sizes.

Each piece is hand turned from a carefully selected unique resin formulation. The stopper section is chrome finished with a black silicone stopper, and features a threaded insert that allows you to remove it for easy cleaning, hand wash only. This gorgeous piece was then fine sanded and sealed with a clear finish, which was then polished, bringing it to the gorgeous and unique stopper you see in the picture. 

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