Handmade/Handturned Hybrid Wood Resin Pen

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This gorgeous Hybrid pen is a Custom made, Hand turned Virage style pen carved from a beautiful and unique Cherry and Plum acrylic swirled formulation bound with Maple Burl. The pen you see above is a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of art, but is meant and designed to be used.  This pen makes a perfect gift, but is so stunning, you may end up keeping it for yourself!

The "Cherry Plum" is paired with beautiful chrome accents and has a beautiful feel when holding. I personally hand turn all my pens on the wood lathe in my shop and am always excited to see what will shine through each custom pen once completed!  Refills for this pen are "Parker" style which can be purchased in medium and fine point, in your choice of blue or black.

This would make a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a unique handmade writing instrument.  A great gift for a Wedding, Anniversary, Grad, Hostess, or a gift for any occasion for "that hard to buy person" on your list.

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