Handmade Yoda Pen 1

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For all you Comic book fan lovers or for the Superhero lovers in your life!  This Custom Handcrafted "Spiderman" Pen is a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of art, but is made from quality materials that make it durable for everyday use. 

Artwork and resin join together in a mold that over days creates a pen blank.  From here, I hand turn the pen blank on my lathe, pair it with complimenting hardware, and a gorgeous one of a kind pen is created!

All my pens are crafted by hand and I take great pride in making fine writing instruments. They are turned on a lathe, brought to their final shape, and feature a durable, glossy finish that is guaranteed to last for years!

Refills for this pen are Parker style which can be purchased in medium and fine point, in your choice of blue or black.

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