Loving Diffuser Bracelet

Loving Diffuser Bracelet

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This beautiful diffuser bracelet is perfect for any age. These make a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, yourself, thank you, Christmas or just because.


Stone width: 8mm

The lava rock in these bracelets are porous which make them perfect for adding essential oils for an aroma-therapeutic experience (instructions for this included).  Reapply or switch up essential oil at any time. The neutral/natural colors of these bracelets make it easy to add to any wardrobe. Makes a perfect gift for any occasion or just because.


Our women's bracelets come in 2 different sizes.

6 inches and 7 inches.

Let us know which size is best for you.

Made Just For You:

Our bracelets are designed using durable pre-stretched stretchy cord. Each stone is unique with no two alike. They all come in their natural state unless specified in the listing. This way the stones absorb the natural energies and skin oils from the wearer to create a beautiful natural hue. Colors vary from stone to stone to add to the natural beauty of each bracelet.

Gemstone Purpose:

**White Lava Rock: grounding stone, strengthens ones connection to Mother Earth. Provides strength and courage and promotes positive changes where needed.

**Rose Quartz: this stone carries unconditional love. It can help the wearer to forgive, understand and see disagreements from a different perspective. it washes out toxic energies and emotions trapped inside.

**White Alabaster: this is a drawing stone which means it can draw thing to or away from the wearer depending on the need. It can aide with meditation, creates a calm and balanced environment.