Pic A Pop™ Cream Soda (12x355ml)

Pic A Pop™ Cream Soda (12x355ml)

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A blast from the past.The irresistible Pic A Pop™ soft drink first tantalized Canadian taste buds in the early 70s, great as a SLUSHIE, FREEZIES, POPSICLES and ICE CREAM FLOATS

Cream Soda is one smooth pop, it floats down your throat, this delicious pop will steal your heart if you're not paying attention.  Enjoy its wonderful flavour, don't say we didn't warn you.

INGREDIENTS: Springwater,  C0², Cream Soda Concentrate, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid (non GMO), Sodium Benzoate, Trisodium Citrate,  Food Grade colouring

All our bottles are BPA FREE

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