Planning with the Pros Book

Planning with the Pros Book

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More goes into choosing your wedding venue than you might realize. We are going to cover all that you need to consider when choosing the right space. This includes the foodservice, location, floor plan creation, ceremonies and more! We will show you mock setups for different styles of dinner service. Have you thought of where you might place your lounge furniture or photo booth? What about what is required in order to host a family-style dinner service?





What does a wedding really cost in Manitoba? We’re going to break it down for you with real-life examples and show you what it really costs to have the Pinterest wedding you’ve always dreamed of. But most importantly, we’re going to discuss where to save, where to splurge and what you can skip in order to stay within your means without sacrificing the overall experience for you and your guests. 




Timelines are everyone’s biggest challenge leading up to and on the wedding day:

  • When should I send the Save the Date? How do I determine my RSVP deadline?

  • What type of stationery do I even need and what is it used for?

  • How many months ahead do my fiance and I need to order our attire? How about the wedding party?

  • When should I start booking vendors, who do I start with?

  • If you wanted to incorporate a specialty service ( ie- fireworks, how can we logistically work that into our timeline?


What about on your wedding day:

  • How long should you allow for hair and makeup? 

  • What are the benefits of having a planner?

  • What is required to legally get married in Manitoba?

  • How can I incorporate food trucks and how many people should I be ordering these snacks for?

  • How much time does a photographer and videographer require to capture your photos/video? 

  • What about transportation, how long will we need?

  • What is the DJ responsible for, and what does the emcee do?

  • Which decor can I re-purpose from ceremony to reception?

  • Does dinner service take 1 hour or 2 ...or is it 3?

  • Who does a speech and when?




We will go over how to infuse your personal style into your wedding. We are going to discuss linens, tabletop decor, flowers and lighting. We will also go over which items can be repurposed from the ceremony to the reception, and the most photographed areas of the wedding day. 




We will provide you with realistic expectations on what vendors really cost, educate you on industry standards and connect you with reliable, experienced and trustworthy people that we’ve personally worked with. From transportation, music to specialty products and services we made sure to include something for everyone. You won’t need to spend hours searching the internet and social media sites to be connected with honest, trustworthy vendors in your local market.


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