Reusable Nail Polish Remover Wipes

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This listing is for 1 SET of 4 Extra Thick Reusable Nail Polish Remover Wipes

I know...regular nail polish and remover aren't ideal when trying to live a zero waste lifestyle.  But everyone is at different stages in the game and making the choice of reusable over disposable is a better choice!

These REUSABLE NAIL POLISH REMOVER WIPES can be used again and again.  Good for MANY full polish removals.

Use like you would the disposable pads - wet with nail polish remover and rub against your nails to take off that old polish.  The texture of the wool helps in removing even the most stubborn nail polish.

The wipes will stain from the nail polish and may get a bit harder but this does not affect their use.

When you are done using them, set them aside to dry until next time.

These wipes are made of sheep's wool and are undyed, therefore the color may vary from package to package. Each wipe measures approximately 3" square. 

Made in a smoke free, pet friendly home.

DO NOT wash or dry in laundry machines.


Remember - regular nail polish and nail polish remover are not eco-friendly products and as such should not be disposed of in your garbage.  Check your city's guidelines on disposal.


IF you wish to opt for more earth friendly manicure, check out some great eco-friendly nail polish and nail polish remover brands.

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