Reusable Pad - Light to Moderate

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This reusable pad is ideal for light to moderate coverage. My pads can be used for menstruation, mild stress incontinence as well as for postpartum.

This pad consists of one side that goes against your underwear that is a cotton fabric in a pink, orange and white pattern and the other side that goes against your body is an orange organic flannel cotton fabric that is wonderfully absorbent and comfortable against the body.

In between the outer layers of fabric, each pad has a layer of PUL fabric which is a waterproof layer that safely keeps any liquids from soaking through to the other side. 

The pads attach around your underwear at the crotch with plastic KAM snaps that are easy to use and very secure. 

After use, you can rinse them in the sink and let them air dry and then just throw them in your laundry as you normally would. I recommend letting them air dry as opposed to putting them through a hot dryer but if they happen to make it into the dryer they will survive just fine.

 This pad measures approximately 8.5-9 inches top to bottom.

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