SpringWater 1x18.9Ltr (BPA FREE)

SpringWater 1x18.9Ltr (BPA FREE)

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Our Springwater is bottled at the source and drawn from an aquifer deep within the pristine and protected Canadian wilderness. Sands and minerals from the last ice age provide filtration and minerals offering an incredibly fresh, pure and classic taste. Our exceptional water has absolutely no nitrates, is naturally enriched with calcium and magnesium and has a zero sodium rating, making our Water unparalleled in purity, healthfulness and quality.

What is spring water?
According to the Canadian Bottled Water Association, Spring water is "collected from an underground source from which water may flow naturally to the surface of the earth.

Minimum quantity delivered is 5 jugs, price includes delivery within the Winnipeg, Steinbach, Winkler, Morden, Stonewall and Selkirk reqions

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