Strawberry (100% Upcycled Fabric Scrunchie)
Strawberry (100% Upcycled Fabric Scrunchie)

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Strawberry (100% Upcycled Fabric Scrunchie)

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Materials: 100% upcycled fabric, Goodie Elastic, 100% cotton tags

Our fabric is hand-picked from various thrift shops, generous donations, and recycled clothing. We aim to use it until we can use it no longer and then donate the scraps to where they can be recycled again.

3 SCRUNCHIE SIZES AVAILABLE (white used for sample)
Regular: Suitable for thick to regular hair types, best worn in a messy bun or ponytail
Thin: For regular to thin hair types, best worn for half-up styles for thicker hair and can be used for buns and ponytails for thinner hair.
Small/Child: For children, best for ponytails and buns. Also can be used for hairstyles needing smaller ponytails (i.e. braids)

Please note: Our regular and thin scrunchie styles are made with real hair ties – not elastic. Our Small/Child is made of hand-cut hair elastic.

2 BUNNY EAR SIZES AVAILABLE (white used for sample)
Regular: For a cute knotted hair tie, suitable for all hair types
Long: For a bigger knotted hair tie, suitable for all hair types (may be better for thicker/natural hair types).

Please note: Bows are only for our thin and regular scrunchie types.

Hand wash with mild detergent or machine wash, but in delicates/lingerie bag.
Lay flat to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Scrunchie tag template purchased from @theknottyboss

Scrunchie fabric tags from Spoonflower