Teardrop Earrings

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Our handmade Teardrop Earrings are available in a gold or silver color. They also come in two sizes; large or extra large. Many people admire the teardrop shape and it is our best selling earring. They can be worn dressed up in an elegant black dress, or dressed down in your most comfy sweatshirt and leggings.


To put this earring on, simply hold your earring so it is in a flat, laying position. Hold onto the end of the top earring wire and gently lift it up (never pull it to the side, as it may distort the earring shape). Then insert the end of the top earring wire into the back of your ear hole and thread your earring through the hole; until it is positioned properly. This way you never have to detach/attach the clear, rubber earring backing (not pictured) that secures your earring in place.




Large Teardrop dimensions: 2cm width x  5.5cm height

Extra Large Teardrop dimensions:  2.5cm width x  7.3cm height

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