TOUCH Mango (12x500ml)

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TOUCH™, ZERO CALORIES, CAFFEINE FREE and ZERO RATED SODIUM, is a carbonated 100% ORGANIC essence flavored beverage that can compete with any other sweetened beverage on the Market, but the difference is that this organic beverage can compete with the price of all other sugar contained beverages. Organic products mostly reaches only 2% of Canadian population, our product is made so we reach the other 98% while our customers save money to do a healthy life style for less money, lower than any other sugar and caffeine beverage.

“ Best Tasting Sparkling Water in the World" accompanied with Organic certified natural flavours all in one for the Platinum taste and Utopia for a healthy beverage

TOUCH™ contains no sweeteners, no preservatives, no caffeine, zero-rated sodium, and has zero calories. The product is available in various packaging, and provides a great alternative for sugar containing beverages. Essence flavors available are Cherry, Green Apple, Lemon, Mandarin, Mango and Peppermint.  For many people, diabetes can be prevented or delayed by understanding its risk factors and making important lifestyle changes

All our bottles are BPA FREE

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