PITMASTER Sizzle Lighter

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Sizzle “Pitmaster” USB rechargeable lighter

A barbecue’s best friend

Slide back the sliding switch to create a brightly intense ignition. The sustained laser-like arc charge allows you to safely ignite your gas, wood or charcoal barbecue with minimal effort.  

The evolution of lighter ignition

The Sizzle Pitmaster is a USB rechargeable lighter, offering longevity and reliability. LED lights display power level. Charge the lighter from any USB device or USB adapter – just like your phone (USB charge cord included).

Set the mood, season after season!

The Sizzle Pitmaster is engineered as an all-purpose lighter for indoor/outdoor use. Easily ignite fire pits, lanterns, torches, tealights and candles and create your own illuminating environment. 



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